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Welcome To The Year Of The Monkey

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Monkey_icon.svgAnd the monkey is quite a trickster as I’m finding out this morning while I work on this site. There is a home page for this site but I can’t seem to make anything but a current post the landing page! So, rather than worry about that right now, we’ll wish you a Happy New Lunar Year!

What will the year be like? Well, there will definitely be a wild ride in store for some as the monkey is not only a trickster but a real party animal as well. On the bright side, though, it’s a great year to try out something new, to be as playful and wild as the monkey is. Everything might not work out quite as planned but that might be part of the fun and you may come out the other side with a whole new perspective, a new hobby, even a new career. For those of you who might happen to be born in a Snake year, like me, remember that the monkey fears the snake so look that playful baby right in the eye and meet him at his own level.



Author: Jo Chern

One-time English teacher who decided she was more cut out to be a coffee shop owner. She wasn’t. Now I’m a Medical Exercise Specialist, QiGong teacher and nascent mystery writer. Almost none of which have anything to do with this blog. Oh, perhaps the last one…if I ever finish a manuscript.

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