Five Element Qi Gong

Harmony of Mind & Body

Happy Year of the Tiger: May it bring you Strength and Peace

Live in-person class at Stoughton Senior Center: Class is Friday @ 1 pm. Cost $42 for the full six weeks; $9 per drop-in. Contact me or see the Stoughton Area Senior Center website or newsletter for more information.

Live in-person class at Sun Prairie Colonial Club Senior Center. Mondays @ 1pm. See above for payment amounts. To register or get more information, call The Colonial Club or email me at

ZOOM CLASS @ 9:30 am TUESDAYS. if you are interested in joining the zoom group, please contact me through this site or at to be added to the email list for the weekly zoom link.

Qi: Vital Energy; Life Force; the energy that runs through the veins and arteries, the nervous system and the meridians of the entire body and gives us life and energy.

Pronounced “Chee”

Gong: Working with; Mastering.

Pronounced as spelled or as “kung”

Qi Gong: Working with the life force of the body to enhance health, energy, and spirit. Promoting health both mental and physical through movement and meditation.

QiGong is an ancient form of Chinese exercise and health movement used to help promote a strong but supple body and a relaxed yet creative mind. If you’ve heard of or seen Tai Chi, you’ve seen the martial arts form that developed out of QiGong but QiGong is not a martial art, so it is much easier to learn and to practice, emphasizing not specific, precise movement but moving in a way that feels right to each individual. Because there is no special equipment or clothing needed and the practice can be done seated or standing, there is virtually no limitation to who can participate–old and young, strong and frail, all can join in with little training. QiGong teaches deeper breathing, better posture and balance, letting the body flow through movements gently and gracefully and enhanced mindfulness. In fact, QiGong is a perfect introduction to meditation because the movement takes away the stress of “just sitting.”

Research into Qigong and Tai Chi now is showing that some of the benefits of both practices include lowering blood pressure, improving balance, increasing breathing capacity and reducing stress. And since QiGong is not “performance based” as Tai Chi is, more people are able to enjoy these benefits. The practice of QiGong is truly a universal form of self-health.

As the ancients so rightly found:

“Flowing water never stagnates; the hinges of an active door never rust.”

6 thoughts on “Harmony of Mind & Body

  1. I am interested in taking a class from you. Do you offer any private sessions?


    • Hi Cathy, I’m so sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was out of town for a bit. I offer private sessions as well as small group and teacher training. Private sessions can be done at your home, if appropriate, or at another space ( I see from your email that you might have a yoga studio which would work very well). Please feel free to ask me further questions or we can set up a time to meet and chat. I promise I won’t take so long to respond! Best in Qi, Jo


  2. You did not answer my question: is there a practice center near Evanston, IL or Northwestern University?


  3. Hi Jo,

    Richie here- I used to come to your classes a few years ago. I have been in and out of town and am now back and settled. I am wondering if you are still doing the Saturday Qigong class at noon? I am sorry I failed to communicate about my plans and just stopped coming to class. I hope you are well.


    • Hi Richie,
      It’s really good to hear from you. I was sorry you stopped coming to class but am glad to hear you are doing ok. The Saturday class isn’t running right now. I couldn’t get a consistent number of people to come to it, in part because I think it was right in the middle of the day. I’m only doing 3 classes right now and they’re all on weekdays. I hope sometime to get the energy back to try a weekend class again and I’ll announce it on this page when I do or email people who were regulars before. My Tuesday Stoughton class is my most interesting right now because they are willing to do anything I throw at them which has been great fun as I’ve been doing more study and learning new forms.
      So good to hear from you and best in Qi


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